Accessories:  遥控, CD, 书本

                Please note the s/h is included in the sale prices.
                These items are non-refundable once shipped.


Remote controls:       


Remote control for Malata/Boluw MDVD 6658 player (same as for MDVD6628, 6638 and 6668):

Sale price: $25



Remote control for Boluw DVP 8861 player:

Sale price: $22

The number keys of remote control for 8861 also work on Malata MDVD6838 player, but other function keys may not.


Discs :  


Main Disc for DVP 8861  (5000 songs):

Sale price: $22


Disc for MDVD 6628 of Chinese songs:

Sale price: $22


Disc for MDVD 6658/6668 of Chinese songs:

Sale price: $25


Disc for Malata MDVD 6838 (A6 version for 6819/6838,  for 2 red hard-cover song books.  The books are not included):

Sale price: $45



HDMI cable :                      

Premium Gold-plated HDMI cable 7 ft (2 meters) for MDVD 6658:

Sale price: $10